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Tập đoàn Haid

Guangdong Haid Group Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 002311) is a public high-tech company, mainly engaging in research and development, production and sales for aquatic feed premix, aquatic feed and animal feeds. It gradually expands to the business areas of animal health product, large-scale animal farming and high quality seeds for aquatic animals.

about8Haid Group follows up the statement of our sacred mission: "Transforming agriculture for prosperity with science and technology, changing the status of rural China". It provides full supports for farming families with products and technical services. By adhering to its spirit: "THE SEA ENBRACES HUNDREDS OF RIVERS FOR ITS COMPACITY TO HOLD", HAID Group provides service for the purpose of creating value for customers, and helping farmers get wealth. It has more than 3,000 professional service teams to provide full support from all aspects of services, such as seed selection, farming patterns design, technical guidance counseling, environmental control, disease control, market analysis information and management technology. It was the development and success of farmers creating a miracle for HAID’s high growth. Our capability of providing innovative services has become the most important driving force for the company's future sustainable and healthy development.


HAID Group has strong professional, technical and R&D teams. HAID Research Institute built its R&D team and a system containing different functionalized groups, including animal nutrition and feed, biotechnology, microbiology, bio-chemicals, animal breeding, disease control, animal farming technology. There are more than 300 doctorate and master graduates in the R & D team. Over 400 experiments a year were completed. It was awarded by governments as the "Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Center", "Engineering Center", "Provincial Enterprise Technology Center" and "Post-doctoral Sub-workstation" and so on. In 2014, it became the only one of public agricultural companies won the National Science and Technology Invention award.

After nineteen years of rapid development, HAID has grown the market size at a considerable pace and achieved significant social benefits. At home and in abroad, it now has more than 120 subsidiaries, a research institute, six pilot bases, employs more than 10,000 people. In 2015, the company achieved operating income of 25.735 billion RMB and net profit of 788 million RMB.

HAID Group focuses on product quality in the course of business, pays attention to social responsibility, continuously achieved recognition by all sectors of society. It has won the "China Famous Brand", "China's Agricultural Market-selling Excellent Brands", "Guangdong Province Famous Trademark", "Brand-name Products in Guangdong Province "and other awards. It was designated as "The key State Enterprises in Industrialization of Agriculture "," R & D Specialty Sub-center of National Feed Processing Technology "," High-tech Enterprises".

On November 27, 2009, HAID successfully gone to public on the Shenzhen A-share stock market, the securities referred to as "HAID Group", stock code 002311. By combining the external capital market platform and the internal overall strength, HAID was quickly ranked as the top five in the Chinese feed industry.

"THE SEA ENBRACES HUNDREDS OF RIVERS FOR ITS COMPACITY TO HOLD", by cherishing the contribution to the development of China's agriculture, HAID Group built a management team containing young skilled professionals who share the same philosophy, they are enthusiastic and hard working. With their wisdom, persistence, passion, they are writing a bright chapter of the company's development. HAID Group will definitely become China's leading, world-class, high-tech agricultural enterprises with a capacity of sustainable development!

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